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FUSION Cleaner and Adhesive Remover 1 Litre

Plastic adhesive remover and cleanerUsed to remove fresh acrylic adhesive errors, runs, finger marks..


FUSION Surface Prep – Plastic Preparation Cleaner 1 Litre

FUSION Surface Prep – Plastic Preparation CleanerRapid drying prep fluidLeaves a squeaky clean surfa..


ANTISPEX - Anti-Static All Plastics Cleaner 1 Litre

ANTISPEX - Anti-Static All Plastics CleanerAnti-static cleaner for all plastics including polycarbon..


SIGN WASH - Signage Cleaner and Enhancer

SIGN WASH – Cleans & Enhances SignageDeep clean for signsUsed on all types of signageSpray on, h..