Industrial Chalk

Industrial Chalk

Carpenter’s Chalk - For temporary line marking . Advanced colour and opacity for improved mark visibility. Finer in texture for cleaner, more durable marks. Saves time and money compared to refillable reels.

Railroad Chalk  - Wide, temporary marks. Large diameter chalk makes bold, wide temporary marks that are easy to read on virtually any surface. Wide, tapered shape is easy to hold, even with gloves.

Polishing Block Chalk  - For roller grinding and extrusion. Finer in texture and richer in colour • Offered in two sizes: Large 6.4 cm x 11.4cm x 22.9cm and Small 3.8cm x  5cm x 22.9cm

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Markal Railroad Chalk White F220

Markal White chalk for industrial use. Economical, allows a temporary marking on all kinds of surfa..