Safeguard The Staycation With Ramsol Spray Sanitiser

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As the days start to get longer and brighter, the thoughts of everyone in the UK are turning to spring and summer and after a year living under the coronavirus cloud, it’s no surprise that millions of Britons are desperate to know whether or not they’ll be able to go on holiday this year.


There have been mixed messages from Government so far, with officials saying it’s too early to predict whether summer holidays abroad will be able to resume, and other countries such as Spain admitting it could be late summer before they reopen their borders to foreign tourists.  And then there’s quarantine to consider – few people will want to spend 10 days in a UK hotel at their own expense after returning from abroad.


All of this means that if holidays do happen on any significant scale this summer, it’s likely to be UK tourist destinations and accommodation providers that benefit.  Research agency Mintel is forecasting that some £7.1 billion will be spent on holidays at home between July and September 2021, compared to £5.8 billion in 2019. From resort hotels to Air BnBs, an industry that has been decimated by SARS-CoV-2 is pinning all its hopes for recovery on the rise of the ‘staycation’ in 2021.


This demand can’t come at a cost to progress on infection control, however.  The last thing the tourist industry needs is another lockdown, so while businesses are keen to make hay while the sun shines, they’re also determined to do it within careful parameters.


For holiday accommodation providers and hospitality businesses, the most important of these parameters will be surface hygiene.  Scientists estimate that SARS-CoV-2 can live on surfaces for as much as a few days if not eliminated through disinfection, which creates huge potential for cross-contamination within hospitality settings, even if occupancy is reduced and social distancing strictly observed.


All the things we love to do on holiday – meals in restaurants, drinks at the bar, amusement parks with the kids – carry a risk in terms of surface contamination that will need to be addressed by frequent, thorough decontamination of any and all surfaces that the public comes into contact with.


In accommodation settings, it’s going to be vital that rooms and apartments are effectively disinfected as part of each changeover in occupancy – and this means all surfaces, not just bathrooms.  It’s not hard to imagine why this is going to create big challenges for large hotels and companies with high volumes of visitors, and small or privately-run businesses with limited time and resources to devote to cleaning.


What the tourism industry needs this summer is a way to keep on top of Covid-19 that slots effortlessly into their day-to-day operations, facilitating fast and effective disinfection of all surfaces, with minimal disruption.


Ramsol offers a simple, cost effective solution that’s easy for any business to implement and safe to use in any setting, whether that’s a deluxe hotel, a private holiday let or a tourist attraction.


For faster accommodation turnovers


Cleaning tourist accommodation is a big undertaking at the best of times, but adding in a requirement that all touchpoints in a hotel or apartment must be sanitised daily, or between occupants, puts a massive burden on staff.


Ramsol reduces this burden with simple, effective disinfection.  The pressurised canister with its simple hose and gun allows the user to deliver a continuous spray to cover large surface areas effectively, in the minimum amount of time, with no need to wipe – just spray and leave for optimal efficacy.


Ramsol requires no power supply, so there are no trailing leads and no recharging stations.  This makes it ideal for tricky locations ranging from busy hotel corridors to boutique apartments and even caravans or campsites. It’s suitable for both hard and soft surfaces, which means you can quickly and effectively disinfect almost any environment in a single swoop, including surfaces, carpets and soft furnishings.


Ramsol also helps to facilitate faster turnarounds by reducing the exclusion time often required by other methods of large surface disinfection, such as electrostatic fogging.  Fogging creates a mist so fine that it can hang in the air for up to six hours, meaning that the space has to be vacated for this length of time.  Ramsol has an optimised 20-micron spray density, which falls out of suspension quickly and delivers excellent surface contact that dries in less than ten minutes.  This allows for frequent disinfection that won’t disrupt your day to day operations – it’s a final, easy step in your room turnover process that requires no special training for staff.


For communal facilities


Hotel lobbies, dining rooms, stairwells, lifts and bathrooms are all communal areas with a high throughput of people and as such, can pose a significant infection risk if not sanitised regularly.  Method is really important for these locations – manual disinfection using cloths and trigger sprays is safe to do while the area is in use, but takes a lot of time and carries a risk of human error – for example, if a surface is missed, or the required contact time for your chosen disinfectant is not observed.  Other forms of disinfection, such as fogging, mean you have to keep people out of the area for long periods, which just isn’t practical. Ramsol offers the benefits of both and the drawbacks of neither – fast, convenient application that kills germs effectively, reduces the risk for human error, and allows people to carry on having a good time without interruptions or restrictions.


Ramsol is also safe for use in food preparation areas, which means it can be used throughout hospitality and tourist settings, simplifying your overall hygiene processes.


For on-the-go sanitising


One of the best things about getting away from it all is enjoying the great outdoors and even though infection risk is reduced when we are outside, it’s not eliminated altogether – especially where hard surfaces are concerned.


SARS-CoV-2 can live on handrails, outdoor furniture, doorways, on public transport and in lots of other places where people are always on the move, which means these areas must be sanitised regularly throughout the day without causing a hazard to the public.  Ramsol is a completely portable, non-flammable system that can go literally anywhere and works both indoors and out.  This means it’s ideal for sanitising public spaces – whether that’s the handrails at the seafront, the rides at an amusement park, a street food kiosk or a public transport hub.


To find out more about how Ramsol can benefit your tourism or hospitality business this summer and beyond, get in touch!


Buying Ramsol From PCD Sales


Available in a Ramsol 500ml aerosol can and a Ramsol 22 litre canister with optional Ramsol 4m rubber hose and Ramsol spray gun. There is also a Ramsol trolley available for the 22 litre canister.


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