RES-Q-FILM™ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you offer 312mm and 500mm rolls ?
A: We offer the 312mm rolls to fit in your existing narrow width applicator, however the 500mm wide product is a better all-round solution because it is faster and fits in our brightly coloured yellow applicator to aid visibility in the dark. 

Q: Can I get a wide width applicator at a reduced rate?
A: Yes. Speak to our sales team to discuss our current promotion.

Q: Can the film be perforated?
A: Yes this can be done at a small additional cost, however after our research and discussing the use of the current film with perforations, it was clear that most emergency personnel did not use the perforations and actually found them a hindrance due to tearing and not always covering the window past the perforation, so a knife was used anyway. 

Q: Can you supply hand held small width rolls?
A: Yes we can, however we have made our film almost 200mm wider than the standard product, so not only do you not need the narrow hand rolls, but it is quicker to cover a window and in most cases only one pass is needed. Speak to our sales team for information on the hand held rolls

Q: Why do your applicators not have a foam roller?
A: During development, the fire services we spoke to said it was not necessary and did not seal the film to the glass, so you still needed to run film against the glass as shown in our video.

Q: What is a Door Lock Wedge?
A: This is the yellow high density foam wedge to help keep doors open during attendance to a distressed vehicle. They are designed this way to work on most automotive door locks and also not roll away like the conventional sponge ball.

Q: Can I order all the parts individually?
A: Yes you can. Click here to return to the main page and this will show you all of the components along with box quantities and costs

Q: Can I get a demo of the product?
A: Yes you can. Click here for the video demo.

If you still have further questions, please emails us at or call us on 01827 288266

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