VHT Structural Bonding Tape

VHT Structural Bonding Tape

VHT Structural Bonding Tapes offer high levels of strength, durability and long term service.

Available in a range of thicknesses, colours and widths, VHT Tapes can cope with high levels of weight, vibration, extreme temperature change and dissimilar surface bonding.

With the ability to replace screws, rivets and welding, VHT Tapes provide a fast, economical and long-lasting high performance bonding solution.

Typical applications and industries would be Sign Making, Bar Stiffening, Cabinet Making, Marine, Vehicle Repair, Frames and Chassis. Most meta plastics and metal bonding.

Products can be supplied in any width. If you require a different size please let us know on 01827 288 266, or email us info@pcdsales.co.uk

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