PCD Sales are a UK based supplier of products for the foundry industry – corebox vents, corebox dowels, release agents, seals & high temperature industrial markers.

Industrial Markers - We supply high-performance industrial markers for the following industries: metal production, shipbuilding, automotive assembly, welding and metal fabrication, building construction, lumber/timber processing, and many more. PCD stock a full range of industrial markers, including ball point, soft point removable, soft point permanent, industrial crayons, industrial chalk, and carpenter's pencils.

Core Box Vents - PCD Sales offer core vents in a range of materials to suit different applications, including brass, steel and aluminium vents. Our range includes brass parallel, brass taper, steel parallel, steel taper, standard mesh, fine mesh and super core box vents.

Core Box Dowels - Our precision core box dowels are designed so that both halves (peg and socket) can be fitted from the front of the core box.

Industrial Adhesives and Cleaners - Clear Plastic Bonding adhesives for bonding acrylic, polycarbonate and PVC, plus a range of adhesive cleaning products.

Protection Films - High performance commercial surface protection tapes and films. Our flooring protective films feature easy application, easy removal and no adhesive residue when removed. The range includes films to protect almost every floor surface or material to include: Carpet, Wood, Wood Laminate, Melamine, Marble, Granite, Glass, Plastic and Metal. We also have a new range of Res-Q-Film which is an innovative and robust robust self-adhesive film designed for the Emergency Services, as it can safely retain broken glass.